Why SSL is important for Your Website

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  • February 28, 2020
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If you have a functional website, you can definitely not go without having an SSL certificate. To prove that your website is secure and safe to use, Google has mandated that SSL certificates are a must. You may think of going without it for a few days, but, to tell you, your website will either not open or open with a warning or will simply redirect your users to random webpages thus killing the entire user experience and even the chances of someone coming back to the website. So, while we have already laid down the importance, here are 5 reasons why SSL is important for your Website.

SSL Protects Data

The very first and the core usage of SSL offer protection in the communication between server and client. SSL ensures that all the information on the website is encrypted, i.e., it can be locked and unlocked only by the intended users. This is especially important for firms that deal with private legal documents like Credit card information, Identity cards personal passwords among others.

SSL confirms user Identity

The second essential reason for having an SSL certificate is to showcase the authenticity of your website. With the world of cybercrime getting advanced by the day, an SSL certificate will reaffirm your identity for your prospects and ensure that they trust you.

Better SERP

This is because for getting an SSL certificate, an independent third party called the Certificate Authority verified the documents for your identity as well as that of the organization. Once proven, only then are the trust integrators activated. All this being said and done, the SSL certificate also ensures that the users are driven to your real website and saves them from fraud which in turn enhances your reputation.

Google changed its algorithm in 2014 and this was with the aim to favor websites that are enabled by HTTPS. This has also been well established through the various SEO studies conducted. So, in short- your SSL certificate has your SEO performance covered as well.

SSL enables you to meet the needs of PCI/DSS

This bit is specifically important for those who have a business model that requires accepting online payments. To enable the same, PCI/DSS compliance is a must. Having an SSL certificate smoothens the process for the same as well by clearing multi-barrier security compliance.

SSL Improves Customer Trust

Besides encrypting and authenticating, SSL certificates form an important basis of customer trust as well. An SSL, in conjunction with an OV or EV SSL, allows the users to see the organization details as well. And once the audience knows that your organization is a legitimate entity, their probability of doing business with you increases significantly.

Now, as we conclude, we had already mentioned that how having an SSL has been mandated by Google too and if you don’t have one, it displays a not secure sign, sometimes even does not redirect the user to your site. The point is, not equipping your website with the SSL certificate is a huge business risk that guarantees a significant business loss.

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