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With the digital transformation taking the world by a storm, it is vital to understand that how these disruptive technologies are impacting the current business models and the overall IT landscape. Technologies like machine learning, marketing automation, big data, IoT, mobility, cloud, artificial intelligence, etc. are here to provide you with a strong competitive edge in today’s market while giving birth to more growth opportunities for your business.

At Coravity Infotech, our IT consulting team assists businesses in a holistic manner to better understand these technologies and implement agile design elements, while constructing a strategic and appropriate approach to continue leveraging these technologies and their advantages.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are IT Managed Services?

Services that are a part of the information technology and are outsourced partially or wholly by companies to a service provider are called IT managed services. These services could be 24X7 operations, administration & management of security, malware, etc., and storage.

What is an MSP and are you qualified as one?

An MSP or a Managed Service Provider that partially or fully provides IT support and management as a service. And yes, Coravity Infotech takes pride in being one of the most sought after MSP in the country. We provide IT services like hosting, business emails, customised solution development, data security, data management, and automation of regular tasks.

What are the benefits of outsourcing IT managed services?

If you go for IT managed services with Coravity Infotech, you can see certain results such as reduction in the annual IT cost, improvement in network performance & access, guaranteed employee satisfaction, reduction in repetitive and redundant HR responsibilities and operational roadblocks, and many more.

How do I identify my organisation’s data security requirements?

As a business owner or organisation, the value of information systems and other IT-related assets should be seriously considered and an appropriate level of security should be incorporated for the same. At Coravity Infotech, a procedure called risk analysis is run to gather information on which IT assets need security, their priority rankings, their importance to the proper functioning and business of the organisation.

What is the difference between free email like Gmail and Hotmail and business emails?

A business email or a paid email service will provide you with a unique email address that is specifically created for you and your business, which is linked directly to your domain name e.g. Having such a business email makes your brand strong and more reliable while developing a sense of trustworthiness in your customer’s mind.

Will my hosting plan include email hosting as well?

It depends on the hosting plan that you have taken up with us. If you wish to exclusively include email hosting, you can drop a line to us about the same and we will be happy to include it for you in your hosting plan.

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