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In today’s world of attention economy, it is of paramount significance that you are able to hack into your customer’s attention to make them transact with your business. While this depends on a lot of factors, one of the most important of them is being able to deliver fast and highly intuitive products to your customers.

At Coravity Infotech, we deliver smooth and fast-performing agile products that go beyond client expectations with respect to performance, speed, user experience, and customer experience. With our experienced and cohesive team of app developers and programmers, we provide scalable mobile app development and web application development services that spread across mobile, web, and cloud to help our clients reach a wider base of audience and customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different kinds of mobile apps that can be developed by you at Coravity Infotech?

At Coravity Infotech, we develop every kind of mobile apps starting from Android Apps, iOS Apps (iPhone and iPad), Web Apps, to Hybrid Apps (for both Android and iOS).

What exactly is the difference between cross platform development and native app development?

Utilising the native app development, one can use the default language and IDE for iOS and Android devices, while the cross platform development provides one with a framework wherein coding is done only once. Although, in cross platform development, the framework can be used to deploy hybrid apps in an Android, iOS, and Windows phone. You can contact us at any time and we will be more than welcoming to your doubts and queries about the same.

Which platform should I choose to launch my app on?

Both Android and iOS, as operating systems, are growing immensely in terms of preference, usage, and popularity. To maximise all the possible benefits from your app, we would recommend you to launch the app on both the operating systems.

What kind of technologies do you work on?

We work on a plethora of technologies for both web and mobile apps, ranging from PHP, WordPress, Laravel to HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, and Slim, among many others.

Should I be considering having a fully-functional website with all the features that my app offers to the users?

Like we always say – at the end of the day, it is your choice to do whatever you like better. In our experience, it is not strictly necessary to have a website in place to support all of the functions/features of your app. However, if you would still like to go for both in order to maximise your revenue generation and other profits, you can have both your website and mobile application created and designed by us at Coravity Infotech as per your liking and choices.

Is it worthy of being worried over every new OS update for both iOS and Android?

Absolutely not! There’s nothing to worry about with every new OS update that is rolled out. As a general rule of thumb, you should test your app with the new update and list out all the problem areas or “glitches/bugs” that you may find during this phase of testing. Once you have all these figured out, you can contact the company that has designed your app, and they can provide you with relevant solutions. At Coravity Infotech, we would be more than happy to assist you in such tasks and provide you with quick, effective, and easy solutions.

Will you also help me set up a developer account?

Yes, we will be glad to aid you in filling out all the necessary account details and payment related terms to help you create and sign up for a developer account.

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