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We believe that when it comes to building, promoting, monitoring, defining, and personalising one’s brand image, there’s only one way to go about it – a brand is an image and idea that needs to create its good position in the mind of a customer; and branding helps organisations and businesses achieve exactly that, and much more.

At Coravity Infotech, our brand communication, identity, and promotion services pay attention to increasing your company’s value in the eye of your customer while effectively and efficiently promoting your products, services, and company in front of your target audience(s). Additionally, our brand identity services help you communicate well with your audience across various platforms and channels.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brand? Are there any advantages of building a brand for one’s company/organisation?

A brand is an identity of who you are as a seller and what you offer in terms of products and services to your customers. Your identity, that is, your brand is what you are to your customers; it’s what you offer to them, and how you offer to them as per what they need with respect to their unique set of problems. A brand has a vision which is created while keeping your customers’ needs and requirements at the very foundation of it.

A brand isn’t meant only for companies or organisations. It is a seller’s unique identity which lets them appeal to their audience in their own specific, chosen way.

A brand entails the unique selling points of your products and/or services and makes them relevant to your set of targeted audience.

The pivotal elements of a brand may (but not necessarily all the time) include a name, a design or symbol, a logo, a unique set of colours that fits right with your brand guidelines, and a brand tonality.

If your brand is able to communicate well with your customers, then that’s already half the battle considered won! A successful branding strategy not only makes most of the marketing initiatives more streamlined and smoother to carry out later on, but it also inevitably results in greater profits and, eventually, a bigger and better brand identity with each passing day.

Should I develop a brand too in such a case?

A well-maintained brand identity brings in larger profits for you while retaining a good position in your customer’s mind. A brand communicates your message directly to your potential customers, while identifying their problems which could be catered to by your products or services.

For as long as you are able to assess the competition in the market for your product and are still able to maintain the standard of your products/services, it’s easier for you to continue growing your market reach. This also means that launching new products and/or services also becomes much easier since all you have to do is speak to your customer on a familiar level again and introduce your new branded lines to them.

So, then how long does it really take to build a brand?

It’s all about perspective. If your marketing initiatives are right and on point with your customers’ needs and problems, building a brand with aggressive strategizing and marketing isn’t extremely time-consuming.

On the other hand, it’s just as possible to miss out on this opportunity if you do not give branding its due importance. The sooner you start, the better it is going to be for you in the long run. It may even take up years before you have a well-recognised and trusted brand, but it is always worth the effort, time, and resources consumed.

Can I use the same branding even for the new products and services?

Yes. As long as your new additions adhere to your existing brand guidelines, it should never be a problem to introduce new products/services under the same brand name.

What do I need - a logo or a brand?

You don’t need a logo. A brand is what you need; a logo is something that just supports the visual picturization of your brand in your customer’s head. It is a good idea to have a logo since it helps in your advertising and marketing initiatives. At Coravity Infotech, we excel at all this and much more when it comes to the building of a brand. Talk to us today to know more about how brands aren’t logos but are so much more in the bigger picture.

Do I need to register my brand as a trade mark?

It is not essential to do that but it is wise to do so to avoid any possible future disputes.

What does it cost to build a brand from scratch?

Building a brand apart from utilising a set of strong branding & marketing guidelines also depends on other vital factors such as your well-functioning website, a good content strategy, a strong social media strategy, among other requirements. At Coravity Infotech, we specialise in building everything for your brand depending upon what you are looking at w.r.t. your offerings and brand vision. For a quote, call us today.

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